Job coaching

We all spend a lot of time working. Looking at an average week, we actually spend most of our time at work. Some of us see their colleagues as family, for some of us a colleague is just a person we meet at the coffee counter. However, by working for the same company, people make connections with each other. And together, all these connections form a system.
This system and all its dynamics can have a strong impact on you. It can make you feel good, ‘on top of the world’ when you achieve certain goals or when your manager gives you a compliment. But it can also bring you down, because you missed a deadline or you feel ignored by your colleagues. Or you achieve all these goals but still feel something is off.
Job coaching is there if you:

  • feel stuck in your job
  • do not feel in place
  • want something different
  • want something more

What is it you really want? What are your dreams and ambitions? Sometimes only a small adjustment is needed to get your working life back in order. With job coaching you can get a clear insight into the causes of your functioning. There is room for acceptance and change. In this way we work concretely and effectively on an effective solution.
The job coaching can consist of individual sessions. It is also possible to look at a team as a whole. Click here to make an appointment.