Family constellations

People are part of all different kinds of systems, like family, school, work and friends. Within these systems, everyone has their own place. The dynamics between the members of a system play an important role, mostly undetected. This is where the patterns that strongly influence individual behavior are born. You can bring these patterns into awareness by working systemically with family constellations.

There are four principles to family constellations:

  1. ordening
  2. balancing giving and taking
  3. inclusion
  4. acknowledge what is (present in the moment)


A system is constantly looking for balance and desires everyone to take their rightful place. One principle isn’t more important than the other, but not respecting the principles disrupts the delicate balance. A disruption causes an imbalance, which influences the individual as well as the whole system. Due to this imbalance one can feel uncertain or insecure or – on the other end of the spectrum – overly responsible. Time and time again the same thing is repeated, and you feel unseen, angry or anxious.


A family constellation offers you an insight into the (hidden) dynamics of the system. Feelings and underlying relations are laid bare and offer you a new perspective. From destructive to constructive, you get to know your own unique place within the system. This can give you space for acceptance and change. You can create new possibilities and you feel how things can be a different way. You get to know yourself and your system a lot better.

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