Kiri is Pure, Loving, Sincere and Professional. She guided me powerfully and softly through my constellation, in which I connected with my unborn twin sister. Through the safety Kiri offered, I could feel into everything I struggled with for so long. To be allowed to feel I could take my own place was healing and valuable. Thank you Kiri…I feel lighter, more free and happier. – Simone


Kiri taught me how to get out of my own head and how to start listening to my feelings. Because of this I dared to turn my life around in a short period of time. With her calm, safe and warm approach I learned how to put both feet on the ground again. – Wilhelmien


Kiri’s loving and open attitude, alertness and thoroughness stimulated me into a breakthrough and towards healing in my treatment. Objectivity is her quality and it helped me to become aware of the impulses in my body of which I wasn’t aware before. – Sandra


After years of doubts, contemplation and difficulties to make decisions on how to proceed in my working career, it was great to get guidance from Kiri. It speeded up my process a lot and helped me to make some decisions. Made things more clear which has led to (more) tranquillity, and it brought me some useful personal insights as well. It was a pleasant journey. – Reinier


I started sessions with Kiri at a time where I had lost myself a bit in my work. Work I really enjoyed the previous years. I really liked how Kiri guided me to listen more to my feelings. Through our sessions I learned it’s okay to say goodbye to beautiful things that no longer feel right to me. – Merlijn


I have had several treatments from Kiri. I had an unclear tension in my body, which was usually a motive for Reiki treatment. It’s a very special experience. Kiri is very professional, warm and friendly. She radiates peace during a treatment. Thank you! – S.


Starting a new life in a new city became a bit easier because of my sessions with Kiri. She gives me valuable and sometimes confronting but honest feedback, which makes me understand myself better each time. I learn to focus on myself rather than on others. “Daring to be vulnerable is also powerful”, something I slowly dare to live because of Kiri’s trust, openness and loving but powerful approach. – W.


Bij Kiri feels like coming into a safe and familiar environment. Something that Kiri radiates herself. In that warmth and calmness, I could completely surrender to the Reiki session that I had with her and I felt safe and held to fully immerse myself in what was happening in my body and mind during the session. Sharing this lead to a pleasant conversation before I left, feeling light as a feather. Thank you Kiri for this special experience! – Anouk


Kiri has taught me so much lately. With her warm and sincere personality she has held a mirror before my eyes. This has given me a lot of insight into myself and I have begun to think more positively. With her Reiki treatments and the exercises we did during the sessions she showed me that there is more energy in me than I had anticipated. I am starting to make more choices in favor of myself and this brings me more joy in life. I am super grateful for that… – Anke


Before I came to Kiri, I had never experienced holistic treatment. I didn’t know what to expect. It was very impressive and I felt very good and calm afterwards. What stayed with me most is grounding my feet. I felt as big as a giant afterward! Kiri was very calm during the session and knew exactly what I needed. It was a very special experience! – C.


I had a very loving and thorough session with Kiri in which I lifted a personal blockage. Kiri nudged me towards confronting this blockage and at the same time offered safety and space to experience how it affected me. She really took the time for me and offered a professional eye to what happened during the session. I will definitely keep coming back with my blockages and themes in my life, which I will encounter more often in my life and I am grateful that I found Kiri as my coach. My energy flows again and I can go with the flow of my life again. Go second Chakra, thank you Kiri! – Daniella


A Reiki treatment by Kiri brings me a lot. It calms me down, makes me feel more powerful and lighter at the same time. It really is a moment for myself and I ‘float’ through the rest of the day. Thank you! – M.