Intuïtieve coaching | Bij Kiri

Ever since I was little I have been interested in people. What moves them into making certain choices, what stops them and what makes them happy? I have been so lucky as to see a great part of the world and I have seen and experienced many different cultures. I have noticed my interest in people while I was travelling as well. I could (and still can) sit and watch them for hours. Listening to what they say, but mostly reading their nonverbal language fascinates me. What they consciously and unconsciously show (each other) in their postures, facial expressions and how they move in relation to each other.


During my Masters in Social Geography and Planning I then went through a personal and special ‘journey’ and got in touch with haptotherapy for the first time. I learned to connect my physical sensations to my thoughts. I learned to actually listen to myself and it felt like coming home. I went from surviving to living, from living for others to living for myself. Inspired by this new connection I continued to develop myself. I have successfully finished several courses and trainings in systemic work, became a Holistic therapist and since 2016 I am Reiki Master.


I have learned to listen to my intuition and turn my high sensitivity into strength without losing grip on reality. This is the thing I wish to share with others with much love and enthusiasm.


– Kiri